Epidsode 1


Kobolds, Drakes, and a beserking Goblin!!!

Character Journals
Cah Jihad Mutu Tahlavain

The intrepid heroes made their way to Winterhaven, a small human settlement in the foothills of the Cairngorn Peaks. Cah, Jihad, and Tahlavain were careful to disguise their eladrin heritage from unsuspecting humans who may have been passing along the road. Mutu, the only party member that is familiar (albeit remotely) with humans led the way.

An ambush surprised the group on the road few miles outside of the village. Five small reptilian humanoids with rust colored scales and glaring red eyes jumped them and attacked. The heroes quickly dispatched them, but were nonetheless put on edge.

In Winterhaven they were directed by the town watch to Wraftons Inn. Inside this simple (by eladrin standards) establishment they met Salvana Wrafton, the proprietor. She was kind enough and eager to take their money, but Mutu noted that her eyes were constantly watching him. Cah noticed a young maiden with slightly pointed ears. A half-elf? Was it possible that the humans and elves were mixing? However, she rebuffed any attempt at small talk. Minutes later Lord Padraig entered the inn. From him the heroes learned that they were attacked by creatures named Kobolds and that they had been attacking people on the roads leading to Winterhaven for weeks, and interrupting trade. They also learned that the Merchants of the Realm are threatening to nullify their contract with Winterhaven if something is not done about the problem. The heroes agreed to take a commission to rid the area of kobolds. Before they left they spoke with Eilian and learned that Mutu’s sister Shava was last heard from before she went to inspect a burial site three weeks ago.

The party first visited the burial site where they were attacked by a gnome, his human henchman, and two drakes. After dispatching them, they explored the area and found Shava tied up next to a sealed crate. Inside the crate, buried in straw they found an ancient mirror which they identified as Eladrin in origin. They also noticed the half exhumed skeleton of a gargantuan dragon. Shava seemed eager to speak with them, but they heroes left her to focus on their commission.

Next, they tracked the kobolds back to their lair. After forcing their way inside, they were mobbed yet again. This time the kobolds were led by a massive battle-axe wielding goblin named Irontooth. The heroes survived, bruised and bloodied, but victorious. Amidst the kobolds treasure horde they found a note suggesting something greater might be behind the marauding kobolds. It was signed by someone/something named Kalarel and mentioned a rift to a sanctuary of Gruumsh.



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