Episode 4

No Evil Deed Goes Unpunished

Character Journals
Cah Jihad Mutu Tahlavain

Cah’s blade slipped over the shield of his foe. The unholy creature’s skull dropped to the ground, eyes once again lifeless. Seeing victory at hand, Cah urged his companions forward. “Drive on!” he shouted over the din of the battle. The group quickly took the offensive, making short work of the remaining skeletons.

Just then, the awful resounding boom echoed again throughout the chamber. The party tensed, awaiting the next wave. None came.

“Look!” Everyone turned to see Jihad pointing at the head of the chamber. A massive set of gilded doors loomed, the star of Corellon gleaming in the center, beckoning the heroes.

Tahlavain started toward it, but Cah stopped him; “That’s the hero’s chamber; I can tell by the carvings. We must be wary.” His face grew concerned as he continued, “These tombs are magically warded.” He cautiously stepped toward the door, surveying the ornate carvings. Suddenly, a warm gold light burst forth from the star, filling the room. Cah’s jaw dropped in amazement as the doors slowly opened inward.

Tahlavain turned to see Jihad kneeling next to an altar, his head hung in prayer. The star around his neck mimicked that of the door. “I’ll be damned…he’s good for something.”

Mutu crept up next to him. “Such words are ill-said. Your god is powerful, and he shines on us this day. Making an enemy of him would not be wise.” He moved past Tahlavain, failing to notice the glare that pierced his back. “Cah, what do you—by Melora!” Cah’s face was pale and his lips blue and shivering. Then Mutu saw it—the skeletal figure of the great Eladrin hero sat perched upon his throne, sword in hand, covered in ice…

Our heroes entered the chamber, believing they could acquire valuable information from the ancient king. Upon searching the room they found no way to animate the figure. Jihad, seeing that the king’s sword bore the mark of Corellon, let go of his fear and tried to strike it from his hand in an attempt to wake it. The ice shattered and it sprang to life at once.

The undead Eladrin threatened the group, questioning their purposes. Cah tried a diplomatic route as Jihad appealed to its religious side. Mutu kept his distance, preferring to let his Eladrin cousins do the talking. In the end, Tahlavain was forced to stand his ground against the creature’s powerful inquiries and they convinced it they meant no harm.

The king revealed himself to be Theron Silvertree, paladin lord of Shadowfell Keep. He had been charged with keeping a rift to the Shadowfell sealed, but failed in his duty as he became preoccupied with the orc invasion. Succumbing to the corruption of Gruumsh, much like the priest Xilo in Casys, he murdered his generals one by one.

After finishing his morbid tale, Theron asked the companions to right his wrong. As a boon to the adventurers, he presented Jihad with his sword, Mysos. As the heroes left the crypt, they found 3 star-shaped brooches upon the altar.

The gold light from the tomb seemed to linger on their skin as the group continued to explore the rest of the crypts, easily dispatching the zombies they encountered along the way. They reached a set of stairs that descended to the floor below and decided to procede. There, in a torchlit room, stood a group of Kaelol.

Tahlavain’s eyes flared as he charged forward. The others followed more cautiously, holding their ground as more orcs entered the fray. The tides turned for our heroes when the Kaelol released a gigantic pet spider. Cah fell quickly to its poison bite and Mutu was hard pressed. Jihad’s strength went unmatched as he cut down orc after orc. He fought alongside a wounded Tahlavain who impressively kept his feet, dodging from foe to foe, leaving them tattered in his wake.

The heroes were struggling. In an act of great valor, Jihad disappeared into the Feywild, only to reappear next to Cah, reviving him. With the party back at full strength, Mutu was able to escape close combat and his bow sent the spider running through the halls. With only orcs left to slay, the heroes let age-old vengeance guide their hands. But the battle left the group ragged, and they quickly ascended back to the crypts to rest and lick their wounds.



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