MIddle-aged farmer with a soft spot for elves


Eilian’s work as a farmer is given away by his dirty hands. He is burly, balding, and wears overalls on most days. He also considers himself an amateur historian of the area around Winterhaven.

Eilian is talkative and deliberate.


Eilian’s family left Fallcrest when Winterhaven was initially constructed. Has father was given a parcel of land just outside the settlement which Eilian has inherited. He raises sheep, cattle, and grows a few vegetables.

Three years ago, Eilian encountered a strange elf maiden standing over one of his sheep. He approached warily, having heard the terrible things the townsfolk said of their kind. Almost immediately, he noticed the you elf was tending to a wound the sheep had no doubt suffered from a hungry wolf. From that night on, the elf Shava visited Eilian every week. Eventually, she learned enough of the common tongue to communicate. Eilian told her stories of the humans, their towns, their ways. He wanted nothing in return, and was more grateful for the company than anything.

Some of Winterhaven’s citizens have shunned Eilian for his liberal tendencies, thinking he has lost his mind as he grows in years. Eilian spends his nights sitting in Wraftons Inn sharing stories with Shava or its other patrons.

He is good friends with Valthrun, often borrowing texts from his tower. He is a great wealth of information about the area, though most people don’t speak with him much.


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