Fine looking, reclusive.


Aloof and vague, beautiful but with a strong body, with a iron gaze and beautiful brown hair. Ninaran stands 5’8”.


Ninaran’s mother was an elf of the Cave Bear tribe named Squawking Bird. Her father was a human from Winterhaven. Her mother was banished from her tribe for committing this act of racial infidelity. She never knew who her father was; her mother feared that he would suffer the same fate as her. For this, they lived in seclusion in a small wood near Winterhaven. Every now and then Squawking Bird would tell stories of Ninaran’s father to her, giving her clues to his identity.

With her mother now deceased, Ninaran makes her living as a scout for merchant caravans traveling between Winterhaven and Fallcrest. She prefers to be on the road than in the village, where most of the citizens treat her very poorly.


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