Rond Kelfem

Captain of the Winterhaven Regulars


Rond is tall and thin, coming in at 6’1”. He is usually seen wearing the trappings of the Winterhaven Regulars, chainmail and a red tunic. He prefers to be cleanshaven, but he is ugly.

Rond isn’t overly inquisitive about the goings on in Winterhaven, but he does keep a watchful eye on newcomers.


Rond came to Winterhaven 5 years ago as a member of a Merchants of the Realm security force from Fallcrest. He longed for the relative tranquility of a small village, and naturally felt right at home in Winterhaven. He applied for the captain’s position, which he immediately got seeing as how the Regulars didn’t even exist then. He takes his position very seriously, and do not take kindly to those that would try to undermine his authority.

He lives in the barracks because he prefers the camaraderie of his fellow regulars to a homelife. He is currently courting Salvana Wrafton and can be found in Wrafton’s Inn when he is off duty.

Rond Kelfem

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