Salvana Wrafton

Blonde, bubbly proprietor of Wrafton's Inn


Salvana is short, standing only 5’2”, slightly pudgy, and has bouncing blonde hair. Her bubbly personality is a perfect fit for a place like Wrafton’s Inn. She also loves to gossip. Salvana lives by first impressions. If you make a good one on her, she’s not likely to change her opinion of you; however, the opposite goes for bad impressions.


Salvana’s mother, Henrietta married Carlo Wrafton when she was already pregnant. The true father was actually a traveling merchant that had spent the night at the inn. Henrietta and Carlo married a few weeks later and Salvana was born months later.

Salvana acquired Wrafton’s Inn when her father and mother were killed while traveling to Fallcrest. Some said it was orc raiders, but others claimed to have seen elves fleeing the scene.

She welcomes travelers and merchants of all types, but she has a deep suspicion of all elves and half elves, rooted in her upbringing. She tolerates half-elves that come by Winterhaven since Lord Padraig seems accepting of them; however, elves make her very uneasy.

Salvana has a “not so secret” crush on Ernest Padraig, even though he has no romantic interest in her.

Salvana Wrafton

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