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  • Camthalion Elendil

    In his younger years Camthalion was a member of the Rangers of Nailo, and elite fighting squad who's purpose was to hunt down and eliminate leaders of the orc tribes. Camthalion became a hero when he assasinated the orc warlord Argug Ear-basher with a …

  • Aeryn Nénharma

    Aeryn is the princess and sole heir to the eladrin throne. She was ordered by her father to flee the homeland in order to spare her a gruesome death at the hands of the orc hordes. Her family's legacy recently revealed itself to her and the other …

  • Toshio

    Toshio is a graduate of the homeland's Academy of War. She carries this distinction with great honor and seizes every opportunity to use her axe for the good of her people. She is one of three escorts to the princess; a position which she regards with …

  • Frea Ratsbane

    Chosen by Camthalion Elendil as another of the princess's escorts. Frea is also a hero of the eladrin, but she most often fades into the background behind her more flashy companions.