Jueves, 24 Marzo (morning)

My cousins, the eladrin, tell me this fortress of stone was built by their ancestors. As strange as it is, it is not nearly as bizarre as the creatures that now inhabit it. We restored the rightful heir to power, Splug the Goblin Prince of the Spider Clan. The eladrin may not be happy with this resolution, especially Tahlavain; however, balance has been restored and Melora is pleased. Although I am wary of the goblins’ intentions, Splug and Zongo did aid us in battle. This was more than was expected. What they will do now, only time will tell. I pray the round-ears of Winterhaven leave them be.

What haunts me most are the creatures that lurk below the keep. Strange half man half lizard beings like I’ve never seen nor heard of before. Not even the elders spoke of such creatures. The hawkish creature that sticks melds into the dark is… unnatural! His legs work backwards like the rear legs of a horse. His aim, it was better than my own! I am resolved to follow him into the pit below. Whatever is down there, I will hunt this creature down and send him back into the dark world he came from.

Still, in the back of my mind is a feeling of dread. Something terribly evil is awakening below us, and above there is a darkness spreading over Winterhaven. Shava…

Miercoles, 23 Marzo (morning)

5 more Kaelol...

They were waiting. They were ready. The green-skins know we are here, but they cannot stop my arrows. The pale green-skins, the goblins, seem to be following the kaelol chief as their own. This is strange, like coyote following the bear. We questioned one of the goblins and Tahlavain killed him. My heart aches for the creature. Such callousness! We saved another named Zongo, before Tahlavain could run his cold steel through him. The goblins are wicked at times, and their odd test for flesh is beyond elven understanding; but they are Melora’s creatures too. Tahlavain would be wise to remember that Coyote is always out there waiting, and Coyote is hungry.

With Zongo’s help we tracked down the orc chief, Darko. Tahlavain’s cleverness almost got the better of him as he was ambushed by the orc warriors. Eladrin blood saved him yet again as his companions were able to traverse the Feywild and come to his side. I was able to aid them, but it is easy to be brave from a distance.

We found a treaty of some sort in the orc chief’s room. The orcs planned to sell us for gold… to the Bloodreavers! I have caught their scent and the hunt is on. We must go to a place called Thunderspire and hunt them down. It’s possible some of my people still live as slaves. I only hope if they are alive, that their spirits are not broken.

Martes, 22 Marzo (evening)

3 Kaelol... the green-skins have felt the sting of my arrows.

Like the Panther I stalk them in the darkness. Like the Panther I rend flesh from bone. Like the Panther I spill their blood.

But first, we spoke with an ancient hero of my cousins, the eladrin. Theron Silvertree, chief of Shadowfell Keep, told us his sad tale. The evil of the Shadowfell was too much for him. I fear for all of us as we descend deeper and deeper into the bowels of this stone prison. What darkness will we face? Where is the warmth of Melora down here?

We descended to the floor below. I was glad to leave the place of undeath. A weight was lifted from my spirit. No sooner had it left when my heart leaped with rage. Kaelol occupy this place! They challenged us at the stairs, but Tahlavain rushed in. How foolish! He almost got us all killed. Cah fell quickly when the kaelol unleashed a giant spider. I have seen many of its kind, but none this big. The way it crushed poor Cah was horrifying. Thankfully, Jihad was aware of the battlefield. I was unable to deal with a kaelol, the spider, and bind Cah’s wounds at the same time. Jihad called upon the gifts of his ancestors and disappeared only to reappear next to Cah. I’ve never seen anything like it!

I was able to stave off the spider with a couple more arrows. It fled into the next room. Without their bestial guardian the green-skins quickly succumbed to our blades and arrows. One thing weighs heavily on my mind. The kaelol are well fortified and great in number. We will have to be more cautious and work together to make it through.

Martes, 22 Marzo (afternoon) Without spirit they are just meat, but the meat is rotten and foul

I will not count kills of those already in the spirit world. It would displease Melora, and I would take no pride in it.

We decided to backtrack out of the caverns. On our way out we ran into a kruthik den. Horrible creatures. Thankfully, we were able to make it back out to the surface and breathe fresh air again! My friends and I were in great need of a rest, and we needed to regroup. The battle against the jelly creature was too close.

I regret returning to this underground ruin! The bodies of the dead walk, but their spirits are absent. How can this be? Their vacant eyes and decaying bodies are too much to bear. I long for the sweet smell of the forest now.

Surely we are nearing the darkness, and it is COLD. Cah recognized the metal burial bundles as those of his ancient ancestors. We seem to have found a burial chamber of a long dead eladrin warrior, and an unknown magic spurred his dead servants to attack us. The evil in this place must be strong. It is good that Jihad has regained his confidence. We will need his faith to pull us through this.

Our way is now blocked by a solid door gilded in gold. It bears the sign of the eladrin god, Corellon. The others wish to open it yet I feel an overwhelming dread about what lies ahead.

Martes, 22 Marzo The Walls are Closing In

3 Goblins… foul creatures. They wish to eat us!

1 Drake…

1 Ochre Jelly…

The round-ears seem oblivious to it all. The old farmer Eilian said it right. A door has opened, and it is dark on the other side. Very dark. But the round-ears are too concerned with their trade to protect themselves, so we must do it for them. I only do this for Shava. She says the round-ears can help us, but I only see greed and malice in their eyes.

The darkness is growing. It ebbs like a beating heart. Every breath in this cursed underground is like breathing knives of ice. Cah said this ruin was built by his people thousands of years ago. For this I am glad that I am not his kind. There are no trees to speak on the wind. There is no grass to cover the stone. Wretched, nightmarish creatures lurk about… and an eerie chill pulses from somewhere deeper inside. This is no place for an elf…

We almost suffered a terrible end. Trapped in a dark maze, besought on all sides, like a doe hunted by wolves. My companion’s lost their heads this day. Unless we learn to stalk our prey, not be the prey itself, we will all be dead. Then I can rest in the claws of Melora.

Lunes, 21 Marzo A Good Hunt

9 Kobolds… they move like the conejo!

1 Gnome… I stalk my prey even if it can’t be seen!

1 Goblin…

Shava is safe. Thank Melora. She did not take the news of home well, as I expected, though she is strong. I see the pain on her face like the setting sun. It hurts me to hear her cry, but her tears are for all of the People of the Dawn. She knows we are all that is left.

She does not know why she was captured, only that the gnome was after the mirror we found, and very interested in the bones. It’s a shame we had such haste and did not learn more. Shava has told me that the human Valthrun may know more. He is some kind of wise man for the round-ears. Shava says that Eilian and Valthrun can be trusted. Salvana Wrafton has no love for our kind however. I feel it in the way she treats Shava and I, and the half-elf Ninaran too. Still, how can the round-ears allow such an abomination to live with them? The Dawntribe would have banished her so that she could suffer the claws of Melora.

I am pleased with my new companions. Saving Shava was their first priority. This was surprising. They showed no fear in battle, even though Tahlavain nearly fell twice. They are a bit anxious on the hunt; perhaps too eager for the kill. They could learn much from the panther. Tahlavain is arrogant and brash, but he fights like the dire badger. Cah is more like the dire wolf; methodical and calculating. Jihad I do not understand. He fights with the power of his god inside him. It is unlike anything I have ever seen.


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