Jueves 24, Marzo (Day)

Goblins are spineless, weak, conniving animals that possess an insatiable hunger. They are the kaelol’s gutless cousins. I do not regret putting that sniveling wimp to the blade; he outlived his usefulness, and only would have returned with the entirety of the spider clan at his heels had we let him free.

That said, I must admit the goblins were a valuable asset in our victory over the orcs. Zongo and Splugg kept their word, something I could not envision (a result of our hefty compensation, no doubt). Still, the Spider Prince and his cohort fought admirably.

For now I’ll let Jihad and Cah do the talking. They were right on that note, as I believe we were in staying at Shadowfell. Our curiosity paid off—Darko was not the vilest inhabitant of the keep. The priest of Gruumsh only signifies that something more evil lies below.

The rift is close. Let’s hope curiosity does not get us killed.

Miercoles 23, Marzo (Morning)

I feel for our elven companion, but we Eladrin must honor our oath. As long as the Kaelol infest this place, we will not be sidetracked. We must do our duty and can only hope that his dreams are merely that.

But Mutu should not hang his head! Hope prevails in even the darkest shadows, as it seems the orcs of Shadowfell have been providing slaves to the Bloodreavers. Perhaps the People of the Dawn still yet number more than 2.

That fact has relit Mutu’s eyes. I wonder what it is like to feel that light. In my dreams I cannot reach those distant memories that I once looked to for hope. Picking berries with mother in the meadow…father telling stories by the hearth…Tanin…

It pleases me to know the hunt for orc blood will not relent anytime soon. The orcs’ leader was quite a disappointment, and these spineless goblins are starting to annoy me.

Martes 22, Marzo (Evening)

What a glorious day! I rest only to heal my wounds, for my blood is coursing so quickly I can hardly keep my eyes shut! Today we encountered the Kaelol, and my thirsty blade sang out alongside my companions’.

I kept my feet today…when it comes to orcs my skill knows no bounds, and my blade knows only death. Mutu fought hard, driving back the orcs’ devilish pet spider while Cah covered his back, cutting down orcs until succumbing to the poison in his blood. We almost lost him! Only Jihad’s prowess and cunning saved his life. I do not know what has happened to him, but he is far different from the insecure warrior-priest I first met.

He is a confident paladin. I believe our encounter with Theron Silvertree struck a note in Jihad’s heart, and though I hate to say it, Corellon has shined upon him. The golden aura that radiated in the tombs seemed to follow…no, to lead us to the Kaelol. I could feel it driving my sword, and how that confused me!

I believe the gods are playing an even larger game here than back on the mainland. And there are human gods as well! I wonder what part we will play in all this, but I feel we are only now teetering in the branches of a great oak—we have yet to know how far the roots reach…

Martes 22, Marzo (Afternoon)

I never thought it would be hard to rest in silence, but the forest around these ruins feels most unnatural. Not a creature stirs nor speaks to its mate. There is a weight like an anvil hanging in the air and I cannot help but feel it is about to crash down upon us. Still, we managed to close our eyes for a few hours, enough to reenter the ruins with renewed vigor.

Some felt that we should return to Winterhaven, but I know that exploring this place will lead us to more answers. I can feel it. Besides, I would rather hunt than be hunted. I am no military commander.

The dead walk! The door to the southwest led us to the crypts of the keep. We were engulfed by a horde of undead humanoids! Their stench was foul, but their bite weak and effortlessly we returned them to their eternal slumber.

We almost lost ourselves in the next room, though, as we found ourselves surrounded by our hosts. These creatures were quicker than the last, being only bony frames of the men they once were. Mutu got cut off from the rest of us, but a valiant effort from all made a joyful reunion as we rallied to victory. I am glad Jihad has found his will again. His devotion guides his head and axe well.

Cah says we are in a burial chamber of a great Eladrin warrior and his escorts. I am honored and eager to explore further. Still, the unease of what we just encountered will follow me throughout this place. I hope this warrior is not as great as Cah knowledge makes him out to be; I hope for all of us…

Martes, 22 of Marzo

I question whether we know what we are doing. Camthalion sent us to investigate the humans, but now we are caught in the middle of something much greater. Dragon bones…rifts…ancient Eladrin ruins—these all reek of magic, and of that we know nothing. We are in dire need of aid I fear.

But our kin are far and the People of the Dawn now only number two. I do not think it is in out best interest to reveal ourselves to the humans, or tell them of what little information we have acquired. However, three hooded strangers and an elf only draw stares in the round-ears’ village.

We need an ally. A half-elf would be a good friend to have, but Ninaran I do not trust. Of the humans I feel Valthrun may be our best choice. He is worldly and seems capable of garnering information, and respect.

For now, though, diplomacy is irrelevant. One does not parlay with goblins, and although they are no match for our blades, the other creatures of these depths are running us ragged. My new armor has saved my life this day, but its weight hangs heavy from my shoulders. Perhaps it is time to follow Mutu’s lead and look to subtlety and stealth. Otherwise, we may be buried in these ruins alongside our forefathers.

Lunes, 21 of Marzo

The creatures of this land continue to prove themselves hardy adversaries, but it would be more than an understatement to say my new companions are a cut above the last. Life has been much better now that I have been reassigned. The princess was bothersome, and her bodyguards…well, I do suppose I miss their irritated faces. They were amusing, much more so than useful.

No longer do I have to stick my neck out at every encounter just so we can make it out alive. The paladin Jihad is a brutal fighter, and it is good to have a little bit of the old healing powers on hand. It smells much better than spider goo, too. Cah shows good tactics, but his style reminds me too much of my brother. Perhaps he would serve as a good sparring partner. Mutu is mysterious, but brave. I wonder if all our old world brothers share his traits. His quiet tongue reflects his fighting style. I do not like those that sneak around the battlefield, but I cannot say he is an inept companion. His bow is a beneficial addition, as he showed against that little bastard they call a “gnome.” How I would have loved to carve up his smirk little face.

It seems the elves and humans are not on good terms. We should continue to take precautions in their lands, as I do not know how well they would respond if they knew the Eladrin had returned. PS: Give human-elf crossbreeds a wide berth. I do not trust them. They seem to have more human temperament than elven. What a shame, they are quite exotic…

Speaking of humans, our contracted mission against the dragon-spawn is turning out to be more complex than I thought. Perhaps it is a good place to start with the round-ears, and its seeming importance may bring me one step closer to Tanin. However, I hope we can soon cross paths with a few orcs along the way. My blade has not drunk deep of their blood in almost a full moon now.


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