"Stalking Panther" is the Brave name he was given by the tribal elders. He is a stealthy hunter with a wicked aim


Mutu (unaligned) wears simple leather clothes made from the hide of his kills. The top half of his face is tattooed black, as were the faces of all of his tribe, to signify the coming light of the new dawn. He stands 5’ 7”, is of medium build, and has long black hair. Mutu is reserved and cautious like the stalking panther, but he is savage and naive to the civilized world around him. He has little respect for personal property, as his tribe had no concept of such things. He is stoic and grim as his lighter side was crushed when he saw his people dead and burned. Shava is the one person that can bring him joy, and the hunt is his only means of release.

Str 10 Con 13 Dex 21 Int 10 Wis 16 Cha 8

Initiative: +7

Fortitude: 14 Reflex: 18 Will: 15

HP: 40 Bloodied: 20

Healing Surges: 7 Surge Value: 10

AC: 19

Weapons: +1 Thunderburst Long bow (Boom Stick), Tomahawk

Armor: Leather

Skills: Endurance +8, Heal +5, Nature +12, Perception +12, Stealth +12

Feats: Defensive Mobility, Elven Precision, Lethal Hunter, Weapon Focus (Bows)

Racial Features:

Group Awareness, Wild Step, Elven Accuracy

Class Features:

Hunter's Quarry, Prime Shot


At-will: Twin Strike, Nimble Strike
Encounter: Two-Fanged Strike, Thundertusk Boar Strike 
Daily: Hunter's Bear Trap
Utility: Crucial Advice

Mutu is one of only two survivors of the People of the Dawn. His tribe led a peaceful, remote existence in the Winterbole Forest living off the bounty of the forest and streams. He was the only son of the tribe elder Peaceful River, and he has one sister Shava. Peaceful River passed down the wisdom of the secrets of the forest and glen to his son. He taught him the names and uses of the plants and herbs. He taught him how to track and kill the wild beasts of the land. Peaceful River also showed Mutu how to offer a proper sacrifice to the goddess of the forests, their patron deity Melora.

During the past autumn, Mutu passed the rituals to become a brave, meaning that he would be allowed to hunt with the rest of the braves and also be responsible for the protection and well-being of his people. To become a brave Mutu imbibed an herbal concoction made by the tribe elder. He set off into the forest at sunset and would not return until dawn. On this Spirit Journey Mutu took on an animal form (a great spotted panther) and traversed the Feywild hunting game. He awoke from his journey when the sun broke on the horizon lying next to a fresh kill, an elk, which he had taken down with only his hands and teeth. Because of this he was given the brave name “Stalking Panther”.

In the late winter an orc war party surprised the People of the Dawn while Mutu was out hunting. With only a few braves left to fend off the invaders, the orcs quickly decimated the village and burned it to the ground. While away, Mutu and his hunting band encountered a group of strange, elven like beings with eerie eyes. They spoke the same language and claimed to be returning to their long lost homeland. Mutu recalled the old stories told by the elders about the “Tandrii”, their ancestors of the elves, and so he immediately trusted them and welcomed them. Unfortunately, a roaming dire bear had tracked a recently killed elk to the hunting encampment where they were speaking. It attacked savaging the elven hunting band. Luckily, and with a bit of skill, Mutu and the “Tandrii” were able to defeat the bear.

After parting with the ancients, who called themselves Eladrin, Mutu returned home and found his village in ruins. The only clue to its destruction was a slain orc with the insignia of gruesome bloody skull. With the only life he knew destroyed, Mutu set out to find his one remaining link to the People of the Dawn, his sister Shava, who had left the Winterbole weeks earlier to visit a human friend in the village of Winterhaven.

Before making the journey Mutu contacted the eladrin and told them of the orc threat in the area. To his great surprise and relief the leader of the eladrin, Camthalion Elendil commanded that some scouts, Tahlavain, Cah and Jihad, accompany Mutu to Winterhaven to gather more information about the human settlement and possible orc operations in the area. Mutu has agreed to help the eladrin in this effort, but above all else he has vowed to track the murderous orcs that destroyed his home and avenge the People of the Dawn.


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