Lord Padraig

Genial, light hearted, the Lord of Winterhaven


Ernest Padraig, lord of Winterhaven, is in his mid 50’s. He is completely bald, a bit overweight, and has a long, jagged scar running from behind his left ear down the back of his neck. Padraig is genuine, and likes to talk to travelers to learn what is happening outside the walls of his small village. He is tolerant of outsiders, as long as they aren’t causing trouble.

He is often seen spending his evenings at Wrafton’s Inn smoking a pipe and sipping on a mug of spiced ale and smoking his pipe. He prefers Longleaf tobacco imported from Hammerfast.


Ernest lives in the Manor House with his wife, Florencia, and his four children: Ernest II (15), Ricardo (11), Miguel (9), and Javier (4). He is a good father and loving husband.

Lord Padraig’s father was given charge of Winterhaven from the Merchants of the Realm. Winterhaven began as a small trading post located on the king’s Road west of Fallcrest. It slowly grew as more humans settled the surrounding area and trade became more profitable. Padraig inherited the leadership role when his father passed. He’s seen it through a fair number of orc raids and other threats. He’s tough, gritty, and knows his way around a sword when needed. He also leads the Winterhaven Regulars, the town watch.

Despite his good leadership, the civilians of Winterhaven have not given him their full confidence, especially with the recent Kobold problem. More so, the marauders have put Padraig’s leadership in question as now the Merchants of the Realm are losing trust in him as well. Padraig has been forced to put more and more of his own coin into Winterhaven to keep it afloat and to keep suspicions of its failings at bay.

Lord Padraig

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