Thair Coalstriker



Thair’s appearence is disheveled from her work. Her hands are always black, her arms sullied, and her hair frazzled from the heat of her forge. Despite her gruff look, Thair is quite beautiful.


Many of Winterhaven’s male residents wonder why she would choose such a profession and blacksmithing when she could easily find a husband and start a family. However, Thair’s ties to the forge run as deep as the veins of iron she gets her ore from.

Thair’s grandfather Rhodemus Coalstriker owned the most famous smithy in Hammerfast. His work was renowned along the trade roads. However, when the Merchants of the Realm formed, he refused employ them. Rhodemus always believed in free trade and despised the guilds. The guild tightened its noose and eventually drove the Coalstriker Smithy out of business. Rhodemus died shortly thereafter. Thair moved east with her parents to Winterhaven. They set up a small smithy to support themselves. Thair takes care of her parents, now in old age, and runs the smithy by herself. Her work is well-respected around Winterhaven and she is slowly making a name for herself in Fallcrest.

Thair Coalstriker

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