Valthrun is tall and thin and wears a long beard. Both the beard and his hair are stark white. He usually dresses in flowing robes of grey or brown. He talks little, preferring to listen, usually while tugging at his beared.

When passed on the street, Valthrun is more often than not in a rush; however, now and then he’ll spend an evening at Wrafton’s Inn taking in the local gossip, speaking with his friend Eilian, and sipping a glass of chilled wine from Nenlast.


Valthrun grew up in Fallcrest, a member of a small noble family. He was the eldest of three brothers. While his siblings took to swordplay and horse riding, Valthrun spent endless hours pouring over books in the public library soaking up as much information as he could. He was most interested in the ancient race that lived on Kaeral before the humans, simply known as the Tandrosi.

When Valthrun was 20 his family’s estate burned to the ground, killing his parents and brothers. Distraught and homeless, he took his family’s wealth to the village of Winterhaven. There he purchased an ancient tower that the settlement was built around. Before he left he purchased hundreds of tomes from the Fallcrest library to stock his personal collection.

Now Valthrun spends his days immersed in his private library, living off his family’s fortune, occasionally dabbling in the trade of ancient relics.


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