I’ve been invited to partake in an important mission—to find the Settler’s Stone so we can rebuild the Elven capital here in Kaerel. This would be an easy single-handed task but Camthalion has instead decided to stick me with the stuck-up princess, Aeryn. Along with the captain’s ranger guide, a young seafaring Dragoon, Frea, accompanied the group. Her style intrigues me but she has too much confidence in her still-unharnessed abilities as we learned at the bridge. The last member of the party is a very strange-looking elf: Toshio, one of the famed crusaders of our dying elven capital. She is also young but her strength of arm is intimidating. A quarrel with her would be ill-advised.

I discovered some strange type of icy lattice after Frea fell into a collapsed street and I went in to rescue her. It may be the work of the ice spiders we encountered at the temple. Possibly webbing—I do not know. I would like to investigate this further. I like to know my enemies. Our guide met his demise at the hands of a very strange invisible beast, although my companions and I bravely tried to save him, nearly costing us our own necks.

I recovered the Settler’s Stone in the temple and I also buried our poor guide. Strangely, the princess and her holy crusader seemed to ignore any sort of reverence for our elvish brother. It seems they would prefer him malled by beasts. Perhaps it is their inexperience to death that has frightened the wits out of their minds and hearts, but steel nerves are required in such a dangerous place as we now find ourselves.

I hope the invisible beast does not seek to hunt us down. I will keep a close watch but with the bridge now collapsed and inexperience thinning our ranks, we have a long journey ahead of us.


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