Journal Tahlavain


I’ve been invited to partake in an important mission—to find the Settler’s Stone so we can rebuild the Elven capital here in Kaerel. This would be an easy single-handed task but Camthalion has instead decided to stick me with the stuck-up princess, Aeryn. Along with the captain’s ranger guide, a young seafaring Dragoon, Frea, accompanied the group. Her style intrigues me but she has too much confidence in her still-unharnessed abilities as we learned at the bridge. The last member of the party is a very strange-looking elf: Toshio, one of the famed crusaders of our dying elven capital. She is also young but her strength of arm is intimidating. A quarrel with her would be ill-advised.

I discovered some strange type of icy lattice after Frea fell into a collapsed street and I went in to rescue her. It may be the work of the ice spiders we encountered at the temple. Possibly webbing—I do not know. I would like to investigate this further.

Our guide met his demise at the hands of a very strange invisible beast, although my companions and I bravely tried to save him, nearly costing us our own necks.

I recovered the Settler’s Stone in the temple and buried our poor guide. Strangely, the princess and her holy crusader seemed to ignore any sort of reverence for our elvish brother. It seems they would prefer him malled by beasts. Perhaps it is their inexperience to death that has frightened the wits out of their minds and hearts, but steel nerves are required in such a dangerous place as we now find ourselves.

I hope the invisible beast does not seek to hunt us down. I will keep a close watch but with the bridge now collapsed and inexperience thinning our ranks, we have a long journey ahead of us.


We followed the Grey River north trying to find some way to cross and in the process we came across some strange looking tents. Investigating, we encountered strange elf-like creatures…they were slightly taller and less coordinated, with round ears and chubby features, covered in dyes and dirt. All of them were males, possibly a hunting party—very crude hunters if I do say so myself!

The round-ears were friendly and spoke orcish, telling us that orcs still dwell in these lands, as well as more of their own people, some of whom are supposedly friendly with the orcs! I could not believe my ears!

During our parlay we were surprised by a gigantic bear, no match for my companions and I, but the hunters suffered heavy losses before I beheaded the beast with a grand stroke. If only we had the time to carry such a large and magnificent trophy back with us!

Mutu, the leader and sole-survivor of the round-ears, led us to a crossing and showed us how to find him if need be. He also taught us a healing technique using the poison glands of the ice spiders.

How ironic as careless Toshio found herself trapped by the spiders in the foothills. I rushed to her aid as Frea and the Princess attempted to hold their ground, surprisingly managing to sill and maim a few before succumbing to their wounds. Toshio fell unconscious as I fearlessly dove headlong after her, tearing spider after spider apart as they rushed in and rained from above after my allies had fallen. My quick slaughter allowed me to rush to my companions aid, and, with the help of Mutu’s secret healing substance, grant them the chance to breathe this fresh winter air again.

I enjoy this new wilderness. Strangely, I have a profound sense of comfort in this environment, and the adrenaline is stimulating. I long to share our experiences with Camthalion. Hopefully, we can reach the camp without further incident. Death seems to be following us around every corner…


We managed, finally, to link back up with our brethren in Casys after our heroic and reckless adventure to recover the Settler’s Stone. Sadly, things were not boding well for our elven brothers either. The caravan was in dire straights; both the water and food supply around the supposed-haven were poisoned. Also, a strange and so-far incurable epidemic had swept across the troop rendering many sick and unable to travel.

Camthalion proposed splitting the group and continuing the trek to Cordaelyrn, hoping that Corallon would provide for us. He sent a group to open the temple of Casys.

Toshio seems to have disappeared. The rest of us went to the nurse at the infirmary, informing her of the dangerous yet quite helpful ice-spiders with the hope that it might help aid the sick. She told us that her aide Hemo had still not returned from his herb-gathering errands the day before.

We followed his tracks to their end. A strange depression in the snow revealed his medallion of Nailo. Somehow it seemed to have fallen from the sky. Our best guess: poor Hemo must have been snatched up by some horrible beast. I pray we find him and I get to test my blade on its hide.

Upon return, we visited the temple to investigate supposed myths that the sealed structure was haunted. Our feeble princess managed, with holy guidance, to find a way in. The myths were all too true! An apparition assaulted us, failing to recognize us as his descendants. With guile, I and the princess held our ground and convinced his undead eyes that we were indeed elves. Poor Frea almost wet herself at the sight! The ghost told us a sad and lofty tale of himself, his brothers, and the misguided high priest Sauvilus whom had sealed the temple from the invading Kaelol those ages past.

The corrupt zeal of Sauvilus poisoned their hearts and minds. The apparition murdered his two brothers and took his own life in shame. Now, he only saught to be reunited with our Father. My blade sang alongside my companions as we scoured the temple, ridding it of the corrupt souls that languished there. Through a hidden door we found Sauvilus, still at work polluting the white tree, the lifeblood of the city. The wretched heathen was no match for my blade and I slew him without remorse.

Hopefully Casys will now purify itself as the white tree revives and spreads its roots to nurture its children once more. THE ELVES OF KAERAL HAVE RETURNED!

Journal Tahlavain

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