Roll of Heroes

The Roll of Heroes is scroll on which you may write the significant deeds of your character. Any time you level up think about if you’ve done anything or learned anything of value since your last advancement. Significant deeds include, but are not limited to: leveling up, defeating a villain, defeating an unknown monster, making a new alliance, learning something new about the campaign world, fulfilling a special quest, advancing a campaign storyline, completing a character goal.

Exploration Campaign

Date Champion Deed
6/11/2008 All Rescued Shava
6/11/2008 All Defeated Irontooth and the Kobolds south of Winterhaven
6/23/2008 All Level Up to 2nd
7/7/2008 Mutu, Tahlavain Level Up to 3rd
7/22/2008 Cah, Jihad Level Up to 3rd
7/22/2008 All Reinstated Splug as lead of Spider Clan
7/29/2008 Mutu, Tahlavain Defeated Kalarel
7/29/2008 Mutu, Tahlavain Level up to 4th

Colonization Campaign

Date Champion Deed
2/3/2008 All Recovered the Settler’s Stone
2/10/2008 All Met Mutu of the Dawn tribe
2/24/2008 All Cleansed the Temple of Casys


Roll of Heroes

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