The Eladrin have returned to Kaeral and the land is savage and strange. They have met their wild cousins: the Elves. With their help the eladrin were able to settle in the lost city of Casys. The Eladrin’s efforts were very nearly dashed as orc war parties caught wind of their return. Luckily for them, a small band of unlikely heroes was able to neutralize the threat before it was too late. However, they uncovered a more sinister threat. A mysterious cult has been linked to the exhumations of several dragon burials around Kaeral. What the cult wants with the bones is still unknown.

The Eladrin have also learned of yet another race: the Humans. This intelligent and resourceful people has begun to spread across Kaeral, forming small settlements and cities where they can keep the threat of the orcs and other evils at bay. What their purpose is remains to be uncovered.

Many new gods have made their mark on Kaeral as well, and some even walk the lands. Does this mean Corellon has abandoned his people for good? Has Gruumsh finally vanquished his brother? Is the age of the Eladrin at an end?


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